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Alison Miley… a little bit about me


Since I was a young girl in middle school, my mother would hear me say, “I want to be the next Jane Pauley.” I had dreams of being a broadcast journalist since as far back as I can remember (with one diversion where I entertained marine biology because I wanted to help orphaned sea otters). I pursued journalism in college through studies, hosting a radio show and writing for the local town paper. After graduating, I immersed myself into the industry and secured an internship at CNN and continued with the network working as a production assistant and in their public relations department. It was then that I decided to choose the PR path and combine my love for and skills in reporting and writing into representing companies to the media. That was nearly two decades ago…

I earned my stripes working in hi tech PR in Palo Alto in the 90s and experienced, along with my clients, the historical dot com bubble ascend to stardom then burst into flames; I helped form an agency that found success supporting b2b networking, storage and infrastructure businesses; I’ve worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups and everything in between. While working for a global publicly traded packaging manufacturing company, I handled nearly every type of major crisis - from contentious union negotiations in the U.S. and Europe to environmental issues to workplace injuries. And most recently, I served as my own client during litigation which made local and national news. The stakes couldn’t have been higher on a personal level, and I proudly prevailed.

Whether it’s mitigating conflict, promoting a product, delivering a vision and generating buy-in, I believe that what a company says and does matters - to the media, to its employees and to its communities. I am thrilled to be able to bring my years of in-house and agency experience to help clients deliver effective, meaningful communications that protect their brand reputation.

Now a little Bit About you…

If you’re in need of consulting for a project or issue I’d love to hear from you.